You're plugged in.

“What ‘right’ do you have to write publicly?”

“No one’s going to be interested in what you have to say”

"This will risk the brand”

This is the sort of self talk that occurred as I inched towards deciding to start a blog.  But then I had the sense that not doing this will rob at least one person of what could reset the course or save their life. 

Judging by the look of frustration or blatant (erm) “roughness” of many people out there, running on 5% charge has weaved itself into normal.  

Why carry on with living life on low?

Say hello to Lightning Cable. The blog that charges you up with curated ideas from global thought leaders across various spheres of life. The intention behind the blog is to help make our own realities better, so we can all make millions (or even billions!) of other realities better.

And yes, it’s a cheesy name. I had to go with cheesy as I needed it to stick.

Thanks for plugging in!


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