"What if?" - A quick glimpse into the future

In Australia alone, there are 57,587 charities that have been set up to progress different causes or meet various types of need. In 2019 alone, about 660 new charitable organisations have been registered.

We chose not to re-invent the wheel, but rather help it turn.  onedot3’s approach is to help well-scaled organisations succeed and expand their impact footprint.  The vision is ultimately an experience similar to Grill’d Local Matters program -- where customers are able to select an organisation to support at checkout.

People like to buy a lot of stuff -- especially, clothes. Revenue in the Australian apparel market is forecasted to grow to $27B in 2019.  The way onedot3 brings to life its vision and mission is to extract value (i.e. money) from consumerism and direct it to help people in need. So t-shirts serve as a strong starting point.

For example, if we capture $1M from the apparel market, that's enough to provide:
• The gift of sight to 40,000 people suffering with a cataract in many developing countries via the Fred Hollows Foundation OR
• A whopping 2 million meals provided to Aussies through Foodbank

As at the time of writing, onedote3 is still in the process of landing the right partner.  If you know of an organisation that lines up with onedot3’s vision and mission, pop us a note at hello@onedot3.com 

Viewing the world with a sense of awe and wonder & asking “what if” are in the fabric of onedot3. 

A quick glimpse into the future.  What if Kmart, IKEA and Thankyou had a baby? The end result would be onedot3.  Slick, great value products. Amazing retail experience. Strong digital backbone. Profits that fund scholarships, micro-entrepreneurship programs, billions of meals and research to put an end to niche diseases.