Turning your mess into your message

What you’ve done defines the life you’re living. But it doesn’t define who you are.

Often we label ourselves by the things that occupy the most space in our lives - including the voices around us.

My own label used to be read “average” with a sprinkling of “fat” and “weird”. Today, it’s “crazy dreamer”.

For many years, Scott Harrison wore the label “drunk drug addict”.

Today, he’s the heart and vision behind the organisation that we support - charity: water. He’s pivoted from lines of coke to living each moment to ensure that kids can go to school instead of fetching dirty water.

Personally, his story resonates with me A LOT as I also went through a season in life where weekends involved drugs and lots of partying.

Friend, you’ve got to listen to this podcast. It’s a stunning conversation about how it is possible to flip your life, no matter what your past looks like. And how you can cultivate a heart for making realities better.

PS This was the very episode that helped land the decision to get behind charity: water.

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