Light, Life and Planet


“Make millions of realities better”

These words landed on my heart like a feather. When I think millions of better realities I see:

  • Millions of people (adults and kids) who would’ve otherwise not gone to school getting an education
  • Basic needs for things such as clean water and nutritious food met
  • That one person who’s about to give up on life suddenly receiving hope for the future
  • People on the mountaintops of life become the best version of themselves and help others climb up 

A world where there are millions of better realities is the “why” behind onedot3 and the world it seeks to create.

As someone reading this post, you and I are on this journey together. I don’t necessarily have a map or a timeline, but our destination is abundantly clear.

Get a glimpse of what this sort of world looks and feels like.

Get a glimpse of this vision.

It's incredible.


In an attempt to step forward and translate this vision to everyday action, the phrase “Bring more light and life into this planet” came to mind.

Though our planet that is soaked with light during the day and literally brimming with life, there is an undercurrent of darkness and death that flows through.

We live in a broken world. And this broken world needs more light and life.

Light is about inspiring a better way to human.  Given humanity's reign over this planet, better humans = better world.

Life focuses on living with a generous, outward focus. Searching “Generosity and Happiness” on Google reveals countless studies and artefacts about the strong link between generosity and happiness. It’s pretty obvious that life is best lived in the service of others.

Planet represents the people in our lives - those near to us such as our friends as well as the ones well outside of our everyday spheres. Planet also (literally) means “planet earth”.

When we transform humanity (LIGHT) to live life bigger than themselves (LIFE), it’s hard to imagine a world (PLANET) where millions of realities aren’t better.


Imagine a world where countless lives are impacted across various spheres of need: young and old, rich and poor, those who live palaces and prisons alike.

Imagine a brighter world that’s full of light and life - where many realities are better than ever.