Find your passion and purpose

This blog was written by Francis Siasat, onedot3 Founder.

From my heart. To yours.

Many of us spend years going through the motions, wandering the planet - without a true sense of passion and purpose.

In simple terms:

  • Passion is what you do for yourself. It’s what makes you happy.
  • Purpose is what you do for others.

Magic happens when you apply your passion for others.

Finding my purpose

A quick scroll through my LinkedIn would reveal that I’m someone who has successfully climbed up the corporate ladder: from being a call centre rep to an award-winning marketer and senior manager. Passion was what got me to where I am. Always spinning at 110% to deliver my best.
Earlier in the climb, I also lived the party life.
It was a formula that worked.
I could have continued on that path, but a series of events have led me to question this journey. This includes the ongoing echo from death of my dad. This led me to appreciate that:
Time is a gift. 
It is not guaranteed. 
We all have the same amount.
And equal power to multiply or diminish its value.
It goes without saying that I really questioned what my purpose was. 
THEN Like a floodlight in a dark room, I found my purpose. To make millions of realities better
Hello, onedot3
Fast forward to 1 January 2019, I took my first bold step of putting my purpose into action by starting onedot3.  The purpose sat in my heart for months.  And just like any normal person - I sat on it for ages.

For me, onedot3 is not just a clothing brand.  Rather, it’s a way to express what I stand for and to bring it to life with many people like you. 
Because when we orient ourselves to make millions of realities better and live to lift the lives of others...there would be so much love on this planet that there would be so little room for despair.
It may sound arrogant, but I believe that my purpose is beautiful.  I also firmly believe that yours is too.
This is why I’d love for you to find yours.  So here is step #1.
There’s a good chance that you’re not clear about what your purpose truly is. In my experience, I learned what my purpose is by asking myself a lot of questions - mainly about what’s important to me and the sort of legacy I want to leave behind.
The questions I raised often came from content I’ve exposed myself to: books, podcasts and YouTube videos.  The constant exposure led to constant questioning, which then chipped away the rock that kept me away from my sunlight of purpose.
So here's a YouTube video to help you start chip away.
Jay Shetty was living (what we would call) a successful life when he decided to let it go to become a monk. 
Today, he leads a global movement aimed at making wisdom go viral and has countless achievements including being featured in the prestigious Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. 
In this conversation, Jay shares his fresh perspective on:

  • What an ideal life is
  • How we go about finding passion and purpose

Before we dabble into the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ in life, we ought to be clear on the ‘why’. 
This is a MUST watch and I trust that you’ll be challenged and inspired. 
If this has helped you or if you have any feedback, send me a note at

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